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Initializing Each Developer's Local Database

After you extract each developer's local database, developers must now initialize their local databases. Initialization creates a local database file, called sse_data.dbf and stores it on the developer's local machine. Siebel Tools includes an initialization program that creates this file.

To initialize a developer's local database

  1. Go to the machine on which Siebel Tools is installed.

    For the first developer, NREC used DEV_tools_A; for the second developer, NREC used DEV_tools_B. For information about the machines on which NREC installed different software, see Table 5.

  2. Log in and connect to the Local database.

    The following message appears.

    "The local Siebel database was not found. Would you like to connect to the Siebel Remote server to initialize the local database?"

  3. Click Yes.

    Siebel Tools connects to the Siebel Remote server and initializes the developer's local database.

    If initialization is successful, the sse_data.dbf file appears in the tools_root\local directory (where tools_root is the directory in which Siebel Tools has been installed, for example c:\siebdev).

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