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Creating a Business Service

Business services are objects that define sets of functionality. For example, a business service can perform tasks such as moving data or converting data formats. Like business components, business services are objects stored in the Siebel repository. However, rather than interacting with tables and data as business components do, business services interact with other objects.

Virtual business components use business services to provide the functionality to manipulate external data. Business services define the methods, properties, and states that determine the behavior of virtual business components.

There are many predefined business services provided for specialized needs, such as using XML to display data in a Siebel application. You can also create your own business services. In the NREC example, you use Siebel Tools to create a business service that reads and writes data to a comma-delimited text file.

For more information about business services, read Siebel Object Interfaces Reference and Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

In the NREC example, the steps for creating the business service are:

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