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NREC's Virtual Business Component

Assume that NREC stores house renovation data in a comma-delimited text file that a third-party vendor provides to NREC. NREC's design includes a virtual business component used to retrieve the data from the file and display it in the Partner Portal application. Partner agents and NREC employees can use it to display a history of renovation information for each house stored in NREC's Siebel database. Figure 26 shows NREC's external file of renovation data. Figure 27 shows how the data from this file is displayed in the user interface.

Figure 26. NREC's External File of Renovation Data
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NREC's requirement is to display this data in a standard master-detail view showing a house record in the top applet and a list of renovations in the bottom applet.

Figure 27. Applet Displaying Data from a VBC
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The steps for configuring a virtual business component for the NREC's scenario are:

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