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Creating an Email Template

Before you can set up a workflow process to send an email message, you must first configure an email template. An email message sent from the Siebel application uses an email template, similar to how a form letter uses a template. Some template elements are replaced in the final message text. For example, Siebel field names are substituted with field values from database records. Use the Administration - Communications screen to create email templates.

There are two kinds of email templates: simple and advanced. Simple templates are used for commands such as Send Email, Send Fax, Send Wireless Message, and Send Page, and for replies in Siebel eMail Response. Advanced templates are used for outbound communication requests, such as the request triggered by a workflow process. The template discussed in this section is an advanced template.

To create an email template

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Communications > All Templates.

    The All Templates view appears.

  2. In the Templates list, enter a new record using the values as shown in the following table.


    NREC Email template

    Channel Type


  3. Click the Advanced view tab.
  4. In the Advanced form, enter a new record using the values as shown in the following table.

    Delivery Profile

    Default SMTP Profile

    Created for the Internet SMTP/POP3 Servers communications driver, for an email template. The profile must exist before you create the template. In this profile, define the communications sender using the From Address parameter override.

    Recipient Group

    Opportunity Sales Team Members

    The recipient group you specify here only determines which substitution fields are available for the template text. The actual recipients are determined in the context in which the template is used.


    New Opportunity in Queue

    Default subject line for the email. The subject line can also include substitution fields.



    Determines whether the template is available to all users.

    Template Text

    Dear [Full Name],

    A new opportunity has been assigned to you.

    Thank you,

    Text to appear in the body of the template. The term in brackets is a substitution.

    For detailed information about email templates and fields, and about communications drivers and profiles, read Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

    The email template is now available to use in the workflow process.

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