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About Transport Mechanisms

Many companies have standardized on transport solutions, such as MQSeries from IBM or MSMQ from Microsoft. These transports allow the transportation of messages between systems. Siebel Systems conforms to this standard by allowing you to plug Siebel applications into these environments through the Siebel EAI set of adapters, which include the MQSeries adapter, the MSMQ adapter, and the HTTP adapter.

Transport adapters developed by Siebel Systems and Siebel-certified partners allow diverse applications to communicate with Siebel applications across virtually any operating system, network, and database. Figure 13 shows the various available transports to and from Siebel applications as a new order is processed. Any one or any combination of these transports could be used in an integration solution, depending upon existing applications and other factors. These transports can also be configured as a Siebel Server Receiver to receive messages, as for example, the MQSeries Server Receiver. For more details on using these transports, see Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

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