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About the Siebel Code Generator

JavaBeans for invoking a particular business service can be generated using the Siebel Code Generator. These JavaBeans provide a uniform mechanism for interacting with the Siebel application from a Java or Java EE application. The JavaBean for a particular business service provides facilities for creating inputs and invoking methods. The JavaBean representing a business service can be based on either the Siebel Java Data Bean or on the Siebel Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) Resource Adapter.

For business services whose methods have integration objects as input or output, JavaBeans representing the integration objects must be generated separately. These beans provide facilities for creating the integration objects and setting their fields.

The business services most commonly used for integration are EAI Siebel Adapter and various ASI business services based on the data sync service. The methods of these business services typically have inputs and outputs that are property sets of a special type called integration objects. Siebel Java integration provides special support for working with integration objects.

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