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Invoking the Siebel Code Generator

This section describes how to invoke the Siebel Code Generator to create JavaBeans for either a Siebel business service or a Siebel integration object.

To invoke the Siebel Code Generator

  1. Start Siebel Tools.

    NOTE:  For information on how to use Siebel Tools, consult Using Siebel Tools.

  2. Select Business Service (or Integration Object) from the Types tab on the Object Explorer.

    NOTE:  If Integration Object is not present, add it by checking Integration Object on the Object Explorer tab of the Development Tools Options window opened by selecting View >Options.

  3. Select the desired business service (or integration object), as shown in the following illustration for an integration object.

    On the right top corner of the Integration Object list, there is a set of three buttons. The following illustration shows the Sample Account integration object highlighted.

    Click for full size image
  4. Click Generate Code.
  5. Complete the Code Generator wizard:
    1. Leave the business service as is (there is only one available: the Siebel Code Generator).
    2. Select either Java(JDB) (Java Data Bean) or Java(JCA) (Java EE Connector Architecture/Siebel Resource Adapter) for the Supported Language.
    3. Browse to select an existing folder as the output folder. Your Java code for the selected business services or integration objects is stored in subdirectories there, as explained next.
    4. Click Finish.

      The code is generated and the wizard closes, returning you to the Business Service or Integration Object form.

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