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EAI DLL Transport Parameters

Use the Send or SendReceive method as needed when you want to pass data from the Siebel Database to an external system. These methods require an input property set. In addition to the common parameters described in EAI Transports and Interfaces Overview the EAI DLL Transport takes the parameters presented in Table 28.

Table 28. EAI DLL Transport Parameters


Name of the (request/response) DLL.


Function in the DLL to invoke.

Return Value

The return value from the function called. This value is an output property.

The following procedure shows how to call a function in an external DLL.

To call a function in an external DLL

  1. Create a workflow.

    NOTE:  For details on creating workflows, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

  2. Set the first business service, after the Start, to use the EAI DLL Transport. Usually, this object is named Send.
  3. Double-click to set the input properties for the EAI DLL Transport.
  4. Select a method, either Send, or Send and Receive Response.
  5. Select the input arguments that you want to use from the list, as presented in Table 28.
  6. Enter any output arguments required and save your work.
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