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Using Pricing Models

If you have purchased Siebel Pricer along with Siebel Events Management and will be using the Siebel Shopping Cart view to charge customers event or session registration fees, you can use pricing models to adjust the registration fee a customer must pay to attend an event or session. The adjusted fee may be based on customer location, customer account agreements, or other factors.

The general process for setting up Events Management and Siebel Pricer to work together is described in this section. For more detailed information about using Siebel Pricer, see Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.

  1. Create a pricing model to use with Events Management. Navigate to the Pricing Administration screen and use the Pricing Model Manager list to create a new pricing model. For more information, see the chapter on creating pricing models and pricing factors in Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.
  2. Use Pricing Factor Designer to define pricing factors. These factors can include:
    • Discounts to certain accounts
    • Discounts on certain events or sessions
  3. Unlock the pricing model. This makes the pricing model available to customers.
  4. Create a new price list and associate it with the pricing model. Before you can test or release a pricing model, you must link it to a price list or customizable product. For more information, see the chapter on creating and assigning price lists in Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  Do not specify line items for this price list.

  5. Associate the price list with the account. Select the account for which you want the specified discounts to apply, and associate it with the price list.
  6. Verify account contacts. Make sure account contacts are correctly listed in the Account Contacts view.

    When these account contacts log in to the Events Management Web site and register for the specified events or sessions, they receive the specified discounts automatically. The discount price appears as Net Price in the Shopping Cart view.

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