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Installation Overview

Server software for Siebel Events Management is automatically installed along with your other Siebel Server software and when the license key for Siebel Events Management is activated. To use Siebel Events Management, you must enter the Siebel Server component group Marketing. For more information about installing Siebel Servers and about enabling Siebel Server component groups, see Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

Client software is not required to use administrative or customer-facing functionality, provided that the client computer has a supported Web browser installed and is connected to a network that communicates with the necessary servers.

Browser Requirements for Financial Services Customers

Financial Services customers need a high-interactivity browser to support real-time updates to the user interface. For example, when you drag a column divider to change column width, a high-interactivity browser displays your changes in real time. This functionality is particularly important in the events calendar and persistent filters, and use of a low-interactivity browser results in an incomplete screen display. For information on setting up browser capabilities for the events calendar in your Siebel application, see Managing the Events Calendar.

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