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Activity Templates View

The Activity Templates view creates activity plan templates for all Siebel applications. Any number of activities may be associated with these templates. Table 16 describes items in activity templates records.

Table 16. Selected Item in the Activity Templates View


When selected, this check box indicates that the information can be accessed by customer and partner applications, as well as by employee applications.

Auto Trigger

When selected this check box moves the activities from this template to a sales stage, when the sales stage is selected for an opportunity.

Service Details Subview

The Service Details subview associates multiple activities with each activity template. This subview has tabs for associating steps, skills, parts and tools, and instructions with an activity.

Table 17 describes items in activity template detail records.

Table 17. Selected Item in the Service Details Subview


When selected, allows Optimizer to insert a break into an activity.

For information about Optimizer, see Setting Up and Using Scheduling.


Category under which the activities will fall. For information about the effects of selections in field, see Category Field.


Complete duration of the activity, expressed in minutes, and calculated as work time + break time.

Lead Time

Duration of travel to, or other preparation for, the activity.

Lock Assignment

When selected, prevents reassignment of the activities.


Units of measure for Lead Time field.

Work Time

Duration of work.

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