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Items View

The Items view shows the recommended parts and tools that a field service engineer must have to complete an activity. An activity template can populate these records, and the owner of the activity can add records. Table 21 describes items in Items records.

Table 21. Selected Items in the Items View

Check Trunk

Clicking this button displays a pop-up window with the product name, part number, inventory location, quantity requested, and quantity available for the selected activity item. The quantity available is a calculated quantity.

Order #

The number of a sales or service order, if this part or tool is on order, which the field technician selects from a dialog box.


When selected, a check box that indicates this is a tool rather than a part. This is for information only; there is no associated code.

Note that product records are created in the Administration - Product screen. The Products form view contains a Tools check box, which when selected, indicates that the product is a service tool and not a part that a customer would buy. Selecting this check box has other effects; for example, the customer cannot order this product.

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