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Contracts Accumulator Service

This business service can be used in workflows to manage incrementing or decrementing an allowance pool.

Manage Running Total Method

Table 59 details the input arguments for the Manage Running Total method.

Table 59. Input Arguments for Manage Running Total Method
Input Argument

Input 1

Count Method

Indicates whether the counter is incrementing or decrementing.

Possible values are Increment or Decrement.

Input 2

Current Amount

Indicates the current value of the counter before the benefit amount is applied for this transaction.

Input 3

Valid Transaction Amount

Represents the amount of benefit to be applied and reflected in the running total. This may be calculated by the Contracts Resolver Service; see Contracts Resolver Service.

Table 60 details the output arguments for the Manage Running Total method.

Table 60. Output Arguments for Manage Running Total Method
Output Argument

Output 1

Adjusted Current Amount

The updated running total, adjusted by Accumulator to reflect the amount of benefit applied (Valid Transaction Amount)

Figure 13 illustrates the Accumulator business service flow.

Figure 13. Accumlator Business Service Flow
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