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About Advanced Contracts

Siebel Advanced Contracts may be used by Contract administrators, account managers, and customer service representatives. Agreement data is stored in Agreement records which may be created, revised, examined, and printed.

Important features in Siebel Advanced Contracts are:

  • Benefits
  • Conditions
  • Compliance History
  • Terms
  • Benefit, Condition, and Term Templates

Contracts Terms Defined

This section defines agreements and related terms as used in the Siebel interface.

  • Agreements (used interchangeably with the term Contracts). A document that defines the business relationship between two parties, including obligations to offer, provide, or produce specific products or services over a set period of time for a specific amount of money.
  • Entitlements. Define coverage available to the customer under the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Benefits. Define the services or products available to the customer under the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Conditions. Are criteria determining whether the parties are entitled to the benefits defined by the contract.
  • Terms. Are language terms not already included in the agreement.
  • Compliance. Is the history of adherence to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Common Agreement Types

The two most common types of agreements are:

  • Service agreement

    A service agreement is a contract for service. For example, a customer purchases a product from an equipment manufacturer, who might negotiate a service agreement with the customer providing a special discounted rate for service over a predetermined period of time.

  • Sales Agreement

    A sales agreement is a contract that provides for special pricing and other benefits when products are purchased. For example, a supply company negotiates a sales agreement with a customer for a rebate, based on volume purchases.

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