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Scenario for Advanced Contracts

The following scenario is designed to illustrate the functionality of Siebel Advanced Contracts. It shows a sample business process performed by the Contract administrator and the customer service representative or account manager.

Your company may follow a different business process according to its business requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities

This section describes the responsibilities of the people involved in contract management.

Contract Administrator

The Contract administrator sets up the agreement templates (Entitlements, Benefits, Conditions, and Terms), administers the contract during its term, and manages its renewal.

Customer Service Representative or Account Manager

The customer service representative or account manager sells, documents, or sells and documents the contract. The customer service representative or account manager will create the draft agreement to represent the negotiated terms and conditions using entitlement, benefit, condition, and term templates created by the administrator. When appropriate, after the contract has been negotiated, updated in Siebel Field Service, and approved by all parties, the contract manager makes it active.


A hardware company has signed an agreement with a purchasing department (PD) of a multinational company. This agreement entitles the PD to a 10% rebate on purchases of a specific product made by its divisions each quarter when the volume of purchases of the product exceeds 3000 units.

Independent from this contract, the administrator creates new term templates, for example, a term template stating that arbitration will be used to resolve disputes. The administrator also creates new benefit and condition templates. One benefit template, which might be used when creating the contract for this customer, defines a 10% rebate. The benefit template can be defined with associated conditions. In the case of this benefit template for the 10% rebate, the administrator might add a condition that the benefit is delivered only when more than 3000 units of the product are purchased within a given quarter.

The account manager creates a new Agreement in Siebel Field Service and adds the appropriate data. The account manager adds terms, benefits, and conditions to the agreement using templates or manually as described by the procedures in this chapter.

After the agreement becomes active, the conditions governing the benefit will be evaluated, the compliance recorded, and, if appropriate, the benefit will be delivered.

The following topics describe the individual procedures for completing these tasks.

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