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Asset Mapping View

The Asset Mapping view records the factor (percentage) that is used to adjust the cost of an asset. These factors are used to calculate the Asset Values and the Replacement Costs in the Value view. For more information, see Value View. Table 125 describes items in Asset Mapping records.

Table 125. Selected Items in the Asset Mapping View

Cost Field

The field in the Asset Value view to which this calculation applies; for example, Asset Value or Replacement Cost.


A percentage of the cost, from the cost list, for the selected asset. If a mapping is unspecified, the factor defaults to 100%.

Asset mapping values apply to specific cost lists at the level of product lines (including their hierarchies of products and assets). Each combination of cost field, cost list, product line, condition, value basis, and cost method can have a record for asset mapping.

For a complete description of costs lists and asset mapping, see Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.

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