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Asset Swaps

Service activities often include the replacement of one asset with another. When replacing an asset, the field service engineer records the replacement in the Part Tracker view of the Activities screen For more information, see To record the swapping of one asset for another. If the installed asset is an instance of the same product or product component as the uninstalled asset, the replacement can be recorded as a swap.

When two assets are swapped, the warranties and entitlements of the uninstalled asset can be transferred to the installed asset on a pro-rata basis. For this transfer to occur, the assets should be root assets and the transferable flags—one for warranties and one for entitlements—need to be set before the swap can be recorded in Part Tracker. For more information about the transferable flags, see Warranties View and Entitlements Screen.

NOTE:  A warranty transfer and an entitlement transfer are executed in slightly different ways if the uninstalled and installed assets in the swap are instances of different products or product components. In this case, the warranties of the installed asset's product are in effect. For contracts which include entitlements for the removed asset, those entitlements' asset values on the Service Agreement Product business component are updated with the installed asset's number, replacing the asset number of the uninstalled asset. When this business component is updated, the Asset # field on the Agreements screen > List > Entitlements > Products view changes to display the new asset. The result is that the warranties and entitlements are automatically in place for the installed asset.

Asset swaps also transfer any hierarchical relationships from the uninstalled asset to the installed asset, with one exception. The exception is that if an uninstalled asset is a child asset, the uninstalled asset's parent becomes the installed asset's parent, but the uninstalled asset keeps its child(ren), if any.

Asset Swaps Business Service

The FS Asset Swap Service business service is used during asset exchange. Using the business service methods, the warranties and entitlements of the uninstalled asset can be transferred to the installed asset. See FS Asset Swap Service Business Service for more information on this business service.

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