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The Barcode Interface

This section includes procedures for using the screens and features for reading barcode data. For guidelines and details of configuration, see Setup and Configuration for Barcode Reading. Topics include:

Siebel Field Service accepts data from a barcode reader into individual, active fields in your Siebel application. Data such as the following is often available in barcode format:

  • Part numbers
  • Asset numbers
  • Repair numbers
  • Order numbers
  • Service request numbers
  • Pick ticket numbers

CAUTION:  The automated barcode module does not accept serial numbers as input. If end users need to scan serial numbers, make sure that the asset numbers are the same as the serial numbers.

With data from the barcode reader, an end user can perform the following types of operations:

  • New. Enter the number from the barcode in a new line (record) in the view. In this mode, an end user goes to the view that is to receive a number, then clicks on a specific tab. Siebel Field Service creates a new record and fills the appropriate field in this record.
  • Update. Update the number in a selected line (record) in the view. The new number replaces the existing number. In this mode, an end user goes to the view that is to receive a number, clicks on a specific tab, and selects a record. Siebel Field Service fills the appropriate field in the selected record.
  • Find. Search the Siebel application for the place where the barcode input should go. In this mode, the incoming barcode finds its own destination, opens the appropriate view, selects a tab, and fills in the appropriate fields.

An end user can do the following operations:

  • Enter individual barcodes of any acceptable type. Individual barcodes are entered with either the New or Update option.
  • Read multiple barcodes in succession, all of the same type (for example, either asset numbers or repair numbers). Individual barcodes are entered with the New option only.

    CAUTION:  If end users will be creating multiple barcodes in succession, make sure that all required fields in the records, except for the target field for the barcode data, have a default value.

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