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Scanning Barcodes for Toolbar Actions

You can scan barcodes into Field Service to trigger the same actions as clicking the toolbar buttons. This is for the convenience of end users who do not have access to a mouse for clicking the toolbar buttons, or who need to shift frequently between the New, Update, and Find operations.

Table 144 shows the barcode character combinations and their associated actions. The middle column, labeled Barcode Example, shows the actual barcodes that correspond to the Barcode Values (such as *New*), in a typical barcode font.

Table 144. Barcode Actions
Barcode Value
Barcode Example
Action Name


New Button. Scanning this barcode simulates clicking New on the barcode toolbar.


Update Button. Scanning this barcode simulates clicking Update on the barcode toolbar.


Find Button. Scanning this barcode simulates clicking Find on the barcode toolbar.


Use ComboBox Selection. Scanning this barcode toggles between the various Use drop-down list selections in the barcode toolbar.

CAUTION:  If you scan only the letters in barcode without the leading and trailing asterisks, the operation will fail. For example, to represent NEW, you must use this form: *NEW*.

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