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ISS Copy Service Business Service

The ISS Copy Service business service is used for a number of features in Field Service, including auto contracts. Oracle's Siebel Order Management copies data from one document type to another as a transaction progresses. Example transactions for which data is copied from one document type to another include the following:

  • Quote-to-Agreement
  • Opportunity-to-Quote
  • Order-to-Agreement
  • Agreement-to-Order

In earlier releases, the mapping between objects was either hard-coded (as in Quote-to-Agreement) or inconsistently defined (such as with business component user properties). Since the 7.8 release, all mappings between objects are defined in the Administration - Application > Data Map Administration views of the run-time client. Using the Administration - Data views and the ISS Copy business service, you can create new mappings and update existing mappings. A mapping can support one or more business components from a business object (for example, quote, quote line item, and quote payments).

See Siebel Order Management Infrastructure Guide for more information about the ISS Copy Service business service.

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