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Business Service Methods Reference for Field Service

This chapter is a reference that explains the methods developed for the following:

Generally, a business service has the following characteristics:

  • Defines reusable business logic that can be executed within the Object Manager
  • Can be a built-in service that is defined in Siebel Tools or a run-time service that is defined in the Siebel client application by administrators
  • Can be based on the CSSService Class (standard business service) or on specialized classes (specialized business service)

    NOTE:  Specialized business services are used only by internal Siebel Engineering personnel. Customers should not use specialized business services unless their behavior is specifically documented.

  • Can be configured by properties or scripts (written in Siebel VB or Siebel eScript)
  • Can be called by a workflow, a script, or directly from runtime events
  • Can be used for generic code libraries that are called from other scripts
  • Are used as building blocks in the Siebel Application Integration framework
  • Can be referred to by commands associated with a menu item or toolbar button

NOTE:  Some business services or workflow processes can be exposed as web services to be consumed by the Field Service application. For information on the Activity Plan, Asset Management, and Siebel Service Request web services, see Siebel CRM Web Services Reference.

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