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AssetAssignActivity Method

AssetAssignActivity is called when an activity is dropped onto the Asset Dispatch Board. This method is configurable and can be used to enable drag-and-drop events for business components configured to be displayed along the y-axis of the Asset Dispatch Board.


This method is called by the Asset Dispatch Board applet (Asset DB Planned GanttChart AX Applet). In this applet, the business components shown vertically on the left are the Y business components (the y-axis). The X business component is the object getting scheduled (the x-axis); the object being scheduled is normally an activity. When it is called, the method updates the X business component's Asset Id as defined in the Drag and Drop Update Field business service user property.

For example, in the Asset Dispatch Board, Asset Mgmt - Asset is the Y business component and Action is the X business component. When the user drags the Action onto the Asset Dispatch Board to assign an asset, the AssetAssignActivity method will take the Object Id of the Asset Mgmt - Asset business component and insert it into the Action business component's Asset Id field.

If a new Dispatch Board, which had accounts on the y-axis, was required, then Account would be the Y business component. You could then change the user property on the AssetAssignActivity method to update the Account Id. In this case, the method would take the account's Object Id and insert it into the Action business component's Account Id field.

Additional Details

If pre- or post-processing needs to be done on the drag and drop business event to support a specific business process, this method's arguments can be accessed from custom code.

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