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GetCalculatedDistanceVals Method

GetCalculatedDistanceVals is the API that calculates the distance between the selected activity location and the employee location, and outputs a list of <Employee Id, Distance Value> pairs.


The FS DB Planned GanttChart AX Applet calls this method, which then calls CalculateFromToAddress and subsequently, CalculateDistanceVals.

The method performs the following tasks:

  1. Determines the location and starting time of the new activity.
  2. Determines the location of the employee by:
    1. Identifying the employee's activity whose end time is closest to the start time of the new activity
    2. Identifying the location of this activity
    3. If no such activities are found, the method chooses the employee's default location. The address ID is defined in the Start Shift Location Field Name business service user property.
  3. Calculates the linear distance between the two locations using the addresses of the unscheduled activity and the employee location.
Additional Details

The distance value of -1 is displayed if the method lacks sufficient valid address information to calculate a distance.

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