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GetBestResponseTime Method

GetBestResponseTime is used to get the best response time entitlement for a service request.


This method is called by the FS - Verify Entitlement SR Best Response Time' workflow. This workflow is invoked when the user clicks the Verify Best Time button on the service request detail applet (used in the Service Request form on the Service screen > Service Request List view). The method chooses the entitlement with the best response time metric matching the service request priority. Entitlement response times are defined in the Entitlements screen > Metrics view. It then calculates the commit time according to the service calendar and stamps it on the service request commit time field and entitlement.

Additional Details

In addition, this workflow can be easily extended to generate a series of dates used for an escalation path as defined by metrics on the agreement or by a default set of values. For example, the commit date/time for the first callback could be four hours, the field engineer onsite date may be within eight working hours, and the resolution may be required within three days. Each of these may be an independent metric calculated by GetBestResponseTime, and saved to the service request.

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