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GetTimeZone Method

GetTimeZone retrieves the time zone used in the response time calculation.


This method is used to retrieve the time zone based on the following inputs:

  • Entitlement time zone
  • Contact time zone
  • Time zone for the service request owner
  • System default time zone

Each of these inputs has an associated time zone. The GetTimeZone method selects the entitlement time zone first, if available. If the entitlement time zone is unavailable, the method selects the contact's time zone. If the contact's time zone is unavailable, the method selects the service request owner time zone. If none of these options is available, the method selects the system default time zone. After the time zone has been retrieved, it is passed to the GetResponseTime method to calculate the response time.

Additional Details

This method can be overwritten to handle other business scenarios.

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