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Setting Up Dispatcher Users

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up the Dispatch Board.

Field Service provides responsibilities for employees, showing only the views needed to complete their job. There is a responsibility for a dispatcher, who can assign activities to service engineers. See Siebel Applications Administration Guide for more information about responsibilities and visibility.

To add a user with the responsibility of a dispatcher

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Application screen > Responsibilities view.
  2. In the Responsibilities list, select the Dispatcher record. If this record is not in the list, create a new record with the responsibility of Dispatcher.
  3. To add the name of the employee who will take the Dispatcher's role, add a new record on the Users list.
  4. In the Views list, make sure that the selected user has access to the following views:
    • FS AxGanttChart View
    • FS AxGanttChart Declined View
    • FS AxGanttChart Timed Out View
    • FS AxGanttChart Not Acknowledged View
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