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Part Locator Engine

The Part Locator provides semi-automated fulfillment of line items in an order. The Part Locator Engine analyzes orders, locates parts for each line item, and returns the located parts (products or substitute products) to the user. The user can manually allocate these parts and generate the pick tickets.

For example, a customer service representative (CSR) receives a service request that requires shipping a product. The CSR creates an order, selects a line item in the order, and clicks Locate from a line item of the service order. Using the configuration parameters, the Part Locator browses various inventory locations and proposes sources from which to fulfill the order.

The Locate, Allocate, and Generate PickTickets commands that run the Fulfillment Engine in semi-automatic mode are available from the Service Order screen. For more information, see Line Items View and Part Locator Subview.

The Part Locator follows the fulfillment logic specified in Figure 22, and uses the same parameters for the fulfillment logic.

The Part Locator, unlike the Fulfillment Engine, cannot run asynchronously, which means that when the Locate button initiates a product search, the Siebel application is unavailable for other operations.

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