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Line Items View

The Line Items view records all items included in an order. Table 86 describes items in Line Item records.

Table 86. Selected Items in the Line Items View


Clicking this button invokes Siebel Configurator for products categorized as customizable. For more information, see Siebel Product Administration Guide.


Use this command to create an inventory transaction that allocates parts from inventory and creates pick tickets for the selected line item.

Fulfill All

Clicking this button creates an inventory transaction that allocates parts from inventory and creates pick tickets for all the line items in a selected order.

Locate/Locate All

These buttons appear in the view only when the Part Locator subview tab is selected. For more information, see Part Locator Subview.


This command activates the Pricing Engine to calculate the price for the selected line item based on the associated price list and pricing procedure.

Reprice All

This button activates the Pricing Engine to calculate the price for all line items based on the associated price list and pricing procedure.


The quantity of the item in an order. This must be an integer.

NOTE:  You can change the unit of measure for your product, so that you get an integer number of units. For example, you can add a value definition for Milliliter to LOV Type UNIT_OF_MEASURE, and then use this unit of measure for liquid products.


This button causes the FS - Verify Entitlement Order workflow to cycle through all entitlements for the selected line item and pick the best priced entitlement. The best priced entitlement appears in the Entitlement Name field.

Configuration Note

Because of the special behavior of the Line Items business component (based on special class CSSBCLineItem), a Line Item record can be updated only if its parent Order record is exposed (present and active) in the Service Order screen.

Totals Subview

The Totals subview provides a breakdown of products and services sold in terms of the price for a selected line item, a discount, and a price adjustment. The result is the total for the selected line item before adding tax and shipping.

Line Detail Subview

The Line Detail subview contains more information about a selected order line item, including details specific to service products, shipping and billing information, and pricing. Table 87 describes items in Line Detail records.

Table 87. Selected Item in the Line Detail Subview


When selected, indicates that this order line item is billable to the customer. The engine adds this item to the invoice. Can be selected regardless of the order's type or status.


When selected, indicates that a line item is on loan.

Ship Complete

When cleared, this check box indicates that a service center may ship only some of the line items, as needed. This is for information only.

Related Activity

Associates parts and tools, selected from the Pick Related Activity dialog box.

Warranty Recovery

When selected, indicates that a warranty credit is being requested for this line item.

Qty Shipped

Updated with the sum of the line item action Quantity for records of type Ship, where the line item action Status is Complete.

Attributes Subview

If the selected product is customizable with attributes, users can use the Attributes view to select specific attributes or to view the default attributes. For information about customizable products, see Siebel Product Administration Guide.

Activity Plans Subview

The Activity Plans subview associates activity templates with order line items. The activities that belong to this plan appear in Activities subview. For more information, see Activity Plans View.

Part Locator Subview

The Part Locator subview finds the product to allocate to a line item in an order. The Locate buttons that appear in the Line Items view activate the Part Locator Engine to determine the inventory locations for line items.

After the products have been located, the Allocate command (in the menu drop-down list in the Part Locator view) reserves products for the order and the Generate PickTickets button (in the Service Order view) creates pick ticket records for the allocated line items.

The Part Locator view has these subviews:

  • Available/Substitute. This subview lists the inventory locations at which the selected line item or a substitute for the selected line item is available.
  • Line Allocation. This subview lists the quantities of the selected line item that are allocated to each inventory location.

Actions Subview

The Actions subview records all transactions created for the selected line item (for example, Allocate, De-Allocate, Ship, and Receive). The Fulfillment and Part Locator Engines automatically create Allocate transactions. The shipping process can automatically create De-Allocate transactions. For more information, see Process Shipment Button.

This subview also records manual transactions for selected line items. The De-Allocate command in the menu drop-down list creates a transaction of the type De-allocate.

For each line item action recorded, the values available in the Type field's picklist vary according to the transactions that have occurred previously. For example, the picklist does not offer the choice De-Allocate if no Allocate action has been performed previously on the line item.

Warranty Subview

The Warranty subview shows the warranties associated with a product. Pre-existing warranties can also be associated with the selected line item. For more information about warranties, see Warranties.

Repair Subview

The Repairs view shows the repair numbers associated with a line item. Repair # is the same as Defective Tag. This view is read-only.

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