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Process Shipment Button

The Process Shipment button is located on the Shipping screen's Pick Ticket form (navigate to the Shipping screen > Shipments view and drill down on the Pick Ticket field). This button produces the following processes:

  1. Examines all the records for allocated lines (in the table S_ORDPART_MVMT) for the selected pick ticket, validating the Ship transaction for each allocated line. If one of the validation constraints (for example, Product, Source Inventory Location, Source Availability, or Source Status) fails, the entire transaction is rolled back.
  2. For each shipped record against an allocated record, generates an inventory transaction with a type of Ship and another type of De-Allocate. Process Shipment generates inventory transactions (for example, Ship Internal or Ship Other) based on the order type of the pick ticket. For a description of these inventory transactions, see Table 91.
  3. If the shipped quantity is less than the allocated quantity, then inserts a De-Allocate action for this line item for any extra items and generates an inventory transaction of type De-Allocate. This transaction is in addition to the De-Allocate transaction in Step 2.
  4. Checks whether the Auto Receive flag is selected in the Order Fulfillment view. For more information, see Fulfillment View. If this condition is met, generates the receiving line item corresponding to the shipping line items being processed and processes receipt of the order. For more information, see Process Receipt Button.

NOTE:  Step 2 and Step 3 are independent processes, so they generate separate De-Allocate transactions. This is useful for auditing.

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