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Receiving Orders

Receiving applies to all types of orders:

  • Replenishment of internal orders or internal transfers received by a field office, a repair center, or a field service engineer.
  • RMAs (returns from a customer).
  • Purchase orders and repair orders (receipt from an external vendor).
  • For convenience, another receipt type, Unknown, is included to encompasses any other items received.

When an item is received, a receipt is generated as proof that the item arrived. Figure 27 illustrates the receiving process, which consists of the following steps:

  1. If the order is unidentified, generate unknown receipt. If the order is identified, create a receipt (Internal, Purchase/Repair Order, or RMA).
  2. Generate transactions.
Figure 27. Receiving Process

Field Service performs the necessary inventory transactions and creates the necessary line item actions on received orders.

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