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Product Service Details View

The Product Service Details view provides the information used in locating and allocating products for use in field service activities. For more information, see Product Service Details View.

NOTE:  This view has two subviews, Inventory Options and Substitute Products.

Inventory Options Subview

The Inventory Options subview sets the inventory locations for a product. It determines how the Fulfillment Engine allocates a product from inventory or chooses a substitute when filling an order. It also sets the cycle counting parameters for each product at a specific location. For more information, see Cycle Counting and Replenishment. For details, see Inventory Options Subview.

Substitute Products Subview

The Substitute Products subview specifies the products that the Fulfillment Engine can use to fill an order when the specified product is unavailable from inventory. The user chooses from products that are specified in the Products view. For more information, see Products View. The Fulfillment Engine can choose this product if the Auto Substitute flag is selected. For details, see Substitute Products Subview.

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