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Product Inventory View

The Product Inventory view associates inventory locations with products, sets quantities of each product, and sets cycle counting parameters for the product at the selected location. Products are specified in the Administration - Product screen. For more information, see Administration - Product Screen. Table 93 describes items in Product Inventory records.

Table 93. Selected Items in the Product Inventory View


Minimum acceptable quantity of inventory at this location and product.


Maximum acceptable quantity of inventory at this location and product.


Safe quantity of inventory for the selected location and product. The safe quantity ( Min) is the quantity below which the Fulfillment Engine should not allocate a product.


Indicates whether instances of this product must have serial numbers recorded in the database.

Inventory Level Subview

The Inventory Level subview associates inventory levels (availability and status) with products and defines the Location Order. For more information, see Location Order for each inventory level. Table 94 describes items in Inventory Level records.

Table 94. Selected Items in the Inventory Level View

Location Order

Indicates the preferred order for use of Locators 1 through 3. For example, 213 means that the item is best obtained from location 2, then 1, and finally 3. This order is used for the physical process of shipping and cycle counting. It has no effect on the Fulfillment or Cycle Counting Engines.

Locator 1-3

Description of the physical location of a product at an inventory level.

Assets Subview

The Assets subview describes all of the assets of the selected product at an inventory location. Fields in this subview indicate both asset numbers and serial numbers.

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