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Inventory Structure

A primary objective of Service Inventory is to record the organization of inventory.

Figure 24 shows an example of an inventory structure, which is hierarchical. At the top level is US Inventory. At the next level, the structure is divided into California Field Service Engineers, Dallas (warehouse), Boston Repair Center (warehouse), and Field Offices.

California Field Service Engineers is divided into Fred Roberts' trunk and Chris Smith's trunk. Fred Roberts' trunk has product inventory levels classified as On-Hand and Reserved. Dallas (warehouse) is divided into Aisle A, Aisle B, and Aisle C. Aisle A has Shelf 1 and Shelf 2. Shelf 1 is divided into Bin A and Bin B. Bin B has product inventory levels for Disk Drives and CD-ROM drives. Boston Repair Center (warehouse) is also divided into Aisle A and Aisle B. Field Offices are divided into Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (warehouse).

Figure 24. Sample of a Service Inventory Structure
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