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Inventory Transactions View

The Inventory Transactions view lists all inventory transactions created automatically (in other screens and views) to allocate, ship, receive, transfer, or adjust the quantity and inventory levels for a product. The same transactions can be created manually in this view. Table 96 shows items in inventory transaction records.

Table 96. Button in the All Inventory Transactions View


Clicking the button records a transaction in the database. Once committed, the record is read-only. Clicking this button performs all of the validations for an inventory transaction. For more information, see Commit Buttons.

Inventory Transactions Across Organizations View

Inventory transactions can take place between organizations by using two transactions and the virtual location named External Location:

  • The first transaction is from the source location (Inv1) in one organization to the External Location. This transaction is committed by a user who can see Inv1 and the External Location.
  • The second transaction is from the External Location to the destination location (Inv2) in a different organization. This transaction is committed by a user who can see Inv2 and the External Location.

For more information, see Setting Up External Locations.

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