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Process for Setting Up Auto-Invoice

You can use the Auto-Invoice feature to quickly generate invoices for service requests and activities.

To set up Auto-Invoice

  1. Specify a price list for all of the product items determined as billable for an activity. The products must be listed as line items in the selected price list (Pricing screen > Price Lists view > Price List Line Items subview).
  2. Ensure that there is a rate list line item for each type of resource (also known as a billing product; for example, a field engineer) used for an activity. The activities rate list is specified in the Activities screen > More Info view. In the Pricing screen > Rate List view > Rate List Line Items subview, the resource, rates, and markups are defined.
  3. Ensure that the rate types (in the Type field) are identified for billable expenses and labor (Activities screen > Expense Tracker view and Time Tracker view).
  4. Ensure that each user has a position that is associated with a billing product (Administration - Group screen > Positions view, Billing Product field).
  5. Ensure that Activities have price and rate lists defined, and that Orders have a price list defined. Auto-invoicing uses these lists to determine the total amount billed to a customer.
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