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Service Screen

The charge consolidation business service automatically creates invoices based on the information provided in a service request. The user activates this engine by choosing the Auto Invoice command in the Invoices view in the Service Requests screen.

The charge consolidation business service searches for any billable orders or activities related to the service request, applies the designated price and rate lists, then creates a new invoice. Only records that have billable flags set in the Orders and Activities views are included in the invoice calculation.

The billable flag in the Service Requests form defines the default settings for the billable flags in associated activities and orders. If the flag is set for a service request, but not for the associated orders or activities records, the activities or orders are not billed, unless the entitlement overrides the activity's billable flag.

A user may select an entitlement by clicking Verify in the Service Requests form, More Info view or by completing the Entitlement field in the Service Details view.

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