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Administrative Tasks

This section describes the types of administrative tasks required for Field Service. Instructions for performing these tasks are provided in this guide and in other guides in the Siebel Business Applications documentation set.

The following administrative tasks are required:

  • Implementation and application administration. You must define and structure a number of elements that are used throughout the application. These include currencies, exchange rates, organizations, divisions and positions in your organization, users and their responsibilities, service territories, and so on. These tasks are described in Siebel Applications Administration Guide.
  • Product management and administration. Field Service provides two tables for product information: an internal product table and an external product table for competitive products. In addition to populating these tables, you must define a product categorization hierarchy, specify product features, and specify settings for products that will be tracked in inventory. You can also define price lists and associate them with products. These tasks are described in Siebel Applications Administration Guide and Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.
  • Marketing administration. All the various elements of marketing information must be defined and set up for your implementation. These include accounts, contacts, and so on. These tasks are described in Siebel Marketing User Guide.
  • Assignment administration. Siebel Assignment Manager allows you to automatically assign the appropriate people to specific tasks. Instructions for using Siebel Assignment Manager can be found in Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.
  • Templates. Service and preventive maintenance plans use activity and service request templates to define efficient service calls. These features are described in Service Support and Field Service Activities.
  • Agreements and Entitlements. Service and preventive maintenance plans are based on contracts and entitlements that customers purchase. Setting up service agreements and entitlements is described in Agreements in this guide.
  • Inventory. Field Service includes the process of setting up a logical inventory structure and maintaining a physical inventory. These tasks are described in Service Inventory and Cycle Counting and Replenishment in this guide.

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