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Siebel Scheduler

Siebel Scheduler provides automatic scheduling of activities and optimization of a service calendar. Appointment booking and schedule optimization are based on service region data, employee data, and constraints. Insertion of activities into optimized schedules accommodates immediate scheduling needs; for example, service calls linked to contractual commitments (entitlements) and emergency events. The application provides worldwide scheduling capability.

Siebel Scheduler includes the following features:

  • Appointment scheduling allows customer service representatives to automatically schedule customer visits without exceeding current labor capacity. Appointments based on a window of time can be given to the customer with granularity down to hours.
  • Siebel Scheduler optimizes deployment schedules based on business-defined constraints (for example, minimizing travel and labor costs) while making sure that contractual commitments are met. High-priority calls can be scheduled immediately, resulting in the reassignment of lower-priority calls.
  • Siebel Scheduler can insert service activities that need immediate attention into an already-optimized schedule. Siebel Scheduler can also respond to unplanned situations like a vehicle breakdown or unavailable field service engineers.
  • Siebel Scheduler can use Siebel Assignment Manager to provide an optimized list of field service engineers for assignment to each service request or activity. Siebel Scheduler also provides to the Assignment Manager data on availability of employees.
  • Schedules are optimized in batch mode based on business-defined criteria.
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