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Field Service

The field service process begins with service requests and orders. A service request is a customer's request for information about or assistance with products or services. An order is a commitment on the part of the customer to purchase products and services at a specific price. Service requests are described in Service Support in this guide. Orders are described in Siebel Order Management Guide. Topics include:

The field service process typically consists of one of the following scenarios:

  • A customer reports a problem to a service center and field engineers are dispatched to repair the item.
  • A customer places an order with a service center and field engineers are dispatched to install the item.

Separate functional groups such as the service center, dispatch, field engineers, and parts business need to share information. Oracle's Siebel Field Service integrates call center, dispatch, field activities, and service parts information in a single application. Siebel Field Service provides service center agents, warehouse staff, and field service engineers with the tools to respond to service requests and orders. Siebel Field Service allows a variety of users to perform the following tasks:

  • Receive service calls
  • Verify service agreements and entitlements
  • Enter a service request
  • Search for solutions
  • Create activities for a service request
  • Assign and dispatch field service engineers
  • Provide parts inventories for parts depots and trunk stock
  • Provide detailed customer configuration
  • Track parts consumption and logistics
  • Manage inventory replenishment
  • Integrate return materials authorizations and service orders
  • Provide field service engineers with complete service details, including the required skills, tools, and parts for all service activities
  • Manage repair of defective parts
  • Set up and manage preventive maintenance plans
  • Track and analyze service costs
  • Prepare invoices for service and track payments
  • Define characteristics of assets and records readings from equipment (assets) in the field for preventive maintenance, billing, and service

NOTE:  A Siebel implementation may not have all the features described in this guide, depending on which software modules have been purchased.

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