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Preventive Maintenance and Asset Measurements

Preventive maintenance is often a critical revenue and cost-containment factor for a service business. Siebel Field Service allows customers to generate preventive maintenance management services automatically. The Preventive Maintenance module provides the ability to create automatically predefined preventive maintenance service requests and related activities based on usage or frequency.

Certain equipment (for example, photocopiers or printers) requires regular maintenance to remain in good condition. Service businesses often provide preventive maintenance services as part of their offerings. Those services are sometimes included in warranty agreements, or sold to the customer as part of the service contract.

Monitoring systems can automatically request maintenance when certain conditions are met; for example, a meter reading passes a threshold or a fixed time period has elapsed. These events trigger the creation of a service request.

To facilitate preventive maintenance, Siebel Field Service provides for the collection and processing of asset measurements. Readings taken either manually or automatically from equipment in the field are recorded in Field Service. These readings can be from gauges, counters, or meters attached to products. This data may be used to initiate service requests for repairs or preventive maintenance. Usage readings can be used for billing on a fee-per-use basis.

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