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Agreements and Contract Management

Siebel Contract Management supports the contract life cycle, from service opportunity identification, service pricing, and proposal generation to service delivery on contractual commitments to contract additions, cancellations, and renewals.

With Siebel Contracts, end users can define the terms of an agreement between the customer and the service provider. These terms can include the service provider's contractual obligations such as performance metrics, response time, equipment maintenance responsibilities, service pricing, discounts, and service entitlements. Agreement entitlements allow end users to define service offering details, specifying tiered pricing for offerings and determining customer assets' levels of coverage.

Additionally, Siebel Contracts allows end users to specify the terms of installment payments, renting, leasing, financing, and use-based pricing. When a service contract is established, the contract's recurring, nonrecurring and usage-based charges can be automatically invoiced. End users can also track and forecast financial and service revenue information resulting from the sale of service offerings, individual service contracts, and across the service organization overall.

Service providers can use product warranty and off-warranty contract expiration data to reprioritize service sales resources. Combined with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Siebel Contracts allows end users to assess customer service needs, personalize service offers, and customize coverages.

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