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Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance Engine can automatically generate preventive maintenance (PM) service requests and actions (or activities), triggered by elapsed time, asset usage, measurement thresholds, or events (see Figure 38):

  • Time-based triggers call for maintenance actions at regular time intervals.
  • Usage-based triggers are for equipment that can keep track of usage with a counter (for example, number of copies for photocopiers).
  • Threshold-based triggers initiate a service activity when a measurement falls above or below a set level (similar to an alarm or engine warning light).
  • Event-based triggers use predefined events to determine if a PM activity is required.

When a PM activity is required, you use Field Service to create service requests and detailed activities. Figure 38 shows the process of the Preventive Maintenance Engine, which is:

  1. Run the PM Engine for an asset or an agreement.
  2. Select the PM Plan for the asset or for the entitlement's assets.
  3. For each trigger, if conditions require an action, create service requests or activities, and then run the PM Engine. If conditions do not require an action, run the PM Engine.
  4. Continue the process until all necessary service requests and activities have been created.
Figure 38. Logic of the Preventive Maintenance Engine
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