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Plans View

The Plans view defines preventive maintenance plans for specific products and assets. Table 133 describes some of the items on this view.

Table 133. Items in the Plans view


Selecting the Active check box allows the Preventive Maintenance Engine to process this plan. It may be useful to clear this box when you define a plan or to temporarily disable specific plans. When the plan definition is complete or a plan is reinstated, the administrator selects this box to activate the preventive maintenance plan.


Indicates whether action generation for the PM plan is mandatory or optional. By default, this flag is set to FALSE. However, when the flag is set to TRUE, the PM Engine can take prioritization into account when determining the action generation.

Reset Time Trigger

Select this check box to reset the time trigger after the plan has been activated. See Time Interval Triggers for more information.


Priority of the preventive maintenance planning item. See Prioritization of PM Plans for Date and Time Interval Triggers for more information.

Last Run

The time and date when the selected PM plan was last activated.

The Preventive Maintenance Engine fills two time stamps when it runs:

  • When you run the Auto PM function on an asset, the Preventive Maintenance Engine examines each active PM plan to determine whether it applies to the particular asset. The time stamp for this examination is recorded in the PM plan (S_PM_PLNITM.LAST_RUN_DT).
  • When the Preventive Maintenance engine has located a PM plan that applies to the asset (the plan has an asset connector for the asset or a corresponding product connector with the All Assets flag set), it also records the time stamp in the corresponding product connector or asset connector record (S_PM_APPL_ASSET.LAST_RUN_DT). If required, you can expose this time stamp in the following business components:
    • FS PM Applicable Plan Item
    • FS PM Plan Item-Product Connector
    • FS PM Plan Item-Asset Connector
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