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Release Manager Structure

You can think of a product release as a composite of features. The decision to implement these features generates multiple release-related items: MRDs to identify the features, engineering tasks to implement the features, QA test plans to test the features, and documentation to describe the features. The system helps to make sure that each task, test plan, and document derives from one or more new features.

Release Manager is built around features. In Release Manager, engineering tasks, MRDs, QA test plans, and technical publications documents are linked to their associated features. Users gain benefits, such as the following:

  • Executives can justify decisions on how to allocate engineering resources and schedule QA testing.
  • Product marketing managers can see the features specified in MRDs, and determine the development, testing, and documentation status for a given feature.
  • Engineering and QA managers can know which new features need to be incorporated into their project plans and test plans.

Figure 36 shows how the various release-related items are linked to features. This illustration shows an area that represents Release Manager. Within this area, tests are linked to test plans, and test plans, engineering tasks, MRDs, and documentation are all linked to features at the center.

Figure 36. Release Manager Release-Related Items and Attributes
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