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Creating Test Plans and Linking Features

After the features for a release have been identified, QA can begin revising existing test plans or developing new ones to exercise new product functionality. Test plan development is tracked in Release Manager, with the test plan available as an attachment to the record. Parties such as product marketers who are associated with the development of the test plan are linked to the record, and their approvals are recorded.

For each test plan, the fraction completed and the target completion dates are logged so that potential issues will be flagged before they become critical. The QA manager decides whether they need to run a particular test plan to validate one or more test strategies, and if so, specifies those strategies.

To add a test plan and link features

  1. Navigate to the Release screen > Test Plan Administration view.
  2. Add a new record and complete the fields, as needed.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    % Auto

    Percent of the test that is automated.

    % Auto Horizontal

    Percent of the horizontal version of the product for which the test is automated

    % Auto International

    Percent of the international version of the product for which the test is automated.

    % Auto Platforms

    Percent of platforms for which the test is automated.

    Auto Complete Date

    Date the automated test is completed.


    If selected, indicates this test is automated.

    Complete %

    Portion of the test plan that has been completed to date.

    Product Line

    Automatically populated based on the values selected in the Area and Subarea fields.

    QA Owner

    Person responsible for doing the testing.


    Name or number of the product release with which this test plan is associated.

    Special Tag

    Tags defined by your company for convenience in grouping or querying tests. You can specify multiple tags. For information about defining special tags, see Special Tag LOVs.

    Suggested Strategies

    Test strategies to apply to this test plan. Available selections come from test strategy records entered in the Strategy Administration view. See Creating Test Strategies.

    Tag Summary

    Expanded area field that makes multiple tags visible in the view. For convenience in querying tags that are selected in, but that might not appear on the view in, the Special Tag field.

    Target Date

    Date when the test plan is expected to be completed.

    Test Plan Owner

    Individuals associated with the test plan. The author of the test plan should be set as Primary.

    Test Set

    Indicates what grouping of tests this test belongs to. Groupings may reflect, for example, parts of the product being exercised through multiple tests.


    Software used to automate this test.

  3. Click in the Related Feature field to select the features you want to link to this test plan.

Adding Activity Plans to Test Plans

An activity plan derives from a predefined activity template. An activity template contains multiple predefined activities that can be associated with a release item. This saves end users from having to enter each activity manually, and helps to standardize activities for QA teams.

To add an activity plan to a test plan

  1. Navigate to the Release screen > QA Test Plan Activity Plans view.
  2. Select a test plan.
  3. Add a new activity plan record and complete the fields, as needed.

    When you have associated the activity plan with the test plan, all the activities in the activity plan become associated with the test plan and appear in the Activities view.

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