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Creating Test Strategies

At the beginning of a release cycle, you define a set of criteria (or matrix) that identifies the various combinations for which any given QA test plan can be run. For example, the matrix for a software product might include criteria such as Server, Database, Browser, and so on. These criteria sets are known as test strategies.

To create a test strategy

  1. Navigate to the Release screen > QA Test Strategies view.
  2. From the visibility filter, choose Strategy Administration.
  3. Add a new record and complete the other fields, as needed.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Specifies whether the test is either in High Interactivity Mode or in Standard Interactivity Mode.


    Name or number of the product release with which this test strategy is associated.

    Test Class

    Type of test pass to be done with this test strategy.

    Web Srv App

    Application that runs on the selected Web server.

    After the test strategy is saved, it appears as a choice in the Suggested Strategies field in the Strategy Test Plan Admin view.

  4. Drill down on the Title field to access the QA Test Plans view if you want to associate test plans with the test strategy.
  5. Select the test plan you want to associate to the current test strategy.
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