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Recording a Test Pass and Linking a Test Plan

After a QA test plan is complete and is associated with a test strategy, tests can be run to validate the test plan. Because test plans are linked to their features in Release Manager, QA managers can focus their teams' efforts on those test plans that are associated with the greatest number of new features. As each test is executed, QA testers record the results in Release Manager. Each test pass is linked to the test plan that it executes.

To record a test pass

  1. Navigate to the Release screen > QA Tests view.
  2. Add a new record and complete the fields, as needed.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Product prototype that was tested.

    Client OS

    Type of operating system running on the client test machine.

    Client Type

    Type of test machine used by the tester.

    Cover %

    Portion of the test plan that was executed (covered) by this test.


    Type of database running in the test environment.


    Date when the test was conducted.


    Specifies whether the test is either in High Interactivity Mode or in Standard Interactivity Mode.

    Pass %

    Portion of the test plan that passed this test.


    Name or number of the product release with which the test is associated.

    Server OS

    Type of operating system running on the server machine in the test environment.


    Stability of the prototype as assessed by the tester during that test.


    Individuals associated with the test. The individual who conducted the test should be set as Primary.


    Type of test that was conducted.

  3. Click the Test Plan field if you want to associate tests with the test plan.
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