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Booking Activity Appointments (End User)

This task is a step of Process of Scheduling Activities.

Customer service representatives use the Book Appointment button on the Activities and Service screens to obtain a list of appointment choices for a selected activity. Clicking the button runs the ABS.

Before booking an appointment, make sure that the work time and the service region are specified for an activity and that the activity is not repeating.

NOTE:  Do not use the ABS to schedule appointments that are far into the future—for example, preventive maintenance activities six months ahead. See About Using Long-Range ABS Horizons for more information.

Booking appointments and optimizing the schedule for activities requires the following data:

  • Schedules for service regions and employees
  • Existing activities and appointments
  • Service activities
  • Service regions
  • Employees
  • Parts available to employees
  • Scheduling parameters
  • Service region parameters
  • System parameters
  • Constraints
  • Time windows
  • A cost function

To book or cancel appointments, perform the following tasks:

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