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Optimizing Schedules (End User)

This task is a step of Process of Scheduling Activities.

There are two ways in which a service region's schedule can be optimized:

Availability of Parts

Availability of parts is a constraint only for the Optimizer, not the ABS. Data loaded into the Optimizer cache includes all trunk inventories for all field service engineers in a service region.

The Optimizer parameter Consider Parts includes the availability of parts in an engineer's trunk inventory when considering the engineer for assignment to an activity. The parameter Parts Period sets the number of hours that the loaded parts list is valid for an optimization. For more information, see Defining Cost Functions for the Optimizer and Schedule Parameters.

If parts are considered, and the activity includes a part with an Order Item number, and then the product can be drop-shipped for the service call; the Optimizer does not consider this part as a constraint in scheduling. For more information, see the Part Tracker View.

NOTE:  To be considered for a service call, parts in a trunk inventory must have a status of Good and an availability of On Hand.

About Using the Workflow Manager to Optimize Schedules

Scheduling is best considered as a business process. For the Optimizer to be useful, it must be fully integrated into the normal process of delivering service. The Workflow Manager is the primary vehicle for ensuring this integration. Most Siebel customers using the Optimizer would use the Workflow Manager to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Manually updating a schedule
  • Locking in manual changes
  • Synchronizing a schedule with manual changes
  • Updating a schedule for contractual commitments
  • Notifying a manager by email of rejected activities
  • Moving activities to a secondary service region
  • Verifying a declined assignment through wireless and reassignment
Optimization Engine Methods

For more information on the various inputs and outputs used with the Optimization Engine methods, see Optimization Engine Methods and Invoking the ABS and Optimization Engine Methods.

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