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Accounts Screen

This section describes how to use the Accounts screen. Topics include:

Using the Accounts screen, a customer service representative can verify the following information for an incoming service call:

  • The customer's account (Accounts list or Service Profile view).
  • The contact making the call (Contacts view or Service Profile view).
  • The assets at the customer site that are associated with this account (Assets view or Service Profile view).
  • The service agreements for this account (Agreements view).
  • The entitlements for the service agreements belonging to this account (Entitlements view).

    The customer service representative can automatically verify entitlements for specific service agreements by clicking one of the Verify buttons on the Service Request screen (see Service Requests Views).

  • The history of service requests logged to this account (Service Requests view).
  • Billing and shipping information for the account (Bill to/Ship to view).
  • Invoices previously prepared for the account (Invoices view).

For more information about using the Accounts screen, see the chapters on Accounts in Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

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